Nice to meet ya! I'm Kurea!

2013-12-11 02:01:30 by KureaAruto

Hiya (that's panda for hello) Now you see me,

My name is Kurea or Panda or Emmers. Whichever you want to call me is fine.

I'm really glad to finally be part of the Newgrounds commuity.  I have been a long time gamer and viewer on Newgrounds, but I never signed up.

I am an ammature programmer/designer, musician, and artist. I hope to upload many things to Newgrounds for you guys and gals to play and enjoy. I also hope to share my love of gamig and art and music with you all.

I won't be designing any games or art for the next 2 weeks due to school, but I will start uploading ASAP. I will also try my best to play new games and rate and review right away.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Doctor Who!!!! Especially 10/Rose fluffyness and 10/Donna adventures. 9 is definatly my second favorite. I have seen all of te Doctor Who episodes both new and old series so don't be afraid to talk, quiz, or ask me about it. I have also seen all of Teen Titans (and have a lot of the comics) and Avatar the Last Airbender. and enjoy those too. I enjoy anime, especially FMA, Bleach and Soul Eater. I have seen all of Bleach and FMA (but not Brotherhood).

I am a christian who has fully devoted her life to Christ. I plan tobecome a youth pastor (priestess or whatever) and have Digital Design as a back up.

I LOVE PANDAS (almost as much as Doctor Who)!!!

Well I think that's all to tell about me...

Now you don't,

Kurea Aruto (Panda)